Heart is a private educational space that provides a safe, nurturing and developmental environment for your child to grow, have fun and practice their values.

Who We Are

Why choose Heart?

Our values guide the answers to these questions and we take the time to not only answer but also to explain how as well as why.

Questions: An important decision holds many important questions…

Why choose Heart Private Pre-school?

  • Will my child be happy?
  • Will my child be safe?
  • Will my child receive the best education and be adequately prepared?
  • Are the meals healthy and in line with my family’s beliefs?
  • Are the hours flexible to my needs?

We strive to be a space that you wish you could stay at longer once it is time for your little one to go to “big” school. We strive to have you be proud to say your child goes to HEART and to do so with the best recommendation.

We look forward to meeting you and answering all your questions.

the heart curriculum

How do we teach what we believe?

The aim of the curriculum is to help every child to develop soft and hard skills, knowledge, and values for life, based on a holistic approach towards our children’s development and learning.

The curriculum consists of the knowledge and skills to be acquired in the educational program as well as the plans for experiences through which children’s learning will take place.

Planned learning experiences with intended outcomes while recognizing the importance of possible unintended outcomes.

Our learning structure follows a weekly theme and play-based programme. We incorporate elements and guidelines of the NCF ‘National curriculum framework’ as well as the Reggo Emilia Approach. We also teach 21 Century skills by following the 4 C’s:
Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity.

Our curriculum is designed to empower our children by allowing them to take pride in their own education so that they have a positive experience in and out of the classroom and feel passionate about contributing towards their exploration and learning.

No matter the educational philosophy or model an early childhood classroom uses, these areas are essential:

  • Classroom atmosphere and design– We use rotational classrooms to ensure movement and accessibility for every learning area of the school.
  • Teachers and onsite staff– Every member of our team has years of experience and is suitably qualified. Our team is passionate, reliable, kind, and safe.
  • Discipline and social-emotional development– We follow a restorative approach and believe in having healthy conversations about choices, actions, and the way forward. We do not have any ‘’Naughty corners’’ or ‘’Time out’’ sections onsite. We believe it is important to instill good values and to be led with those.
  • Academics- every child learns in their own way and with our diverse curriculum, each child should feel comfortable to relate to a method of learning that resonates with them.
  • Safety, Covid, and Security – Heart follows a detailed and thorough daily routine of sanitizing every surface and learning resource. We have regular hand washing routines every time a group is rotated to a new area of the school. Learners are screened with a temperature reading every morning before entering the school. Our property has a security gate at the entrance and we do not have a pool or stairs on the premises. All our wall plugs have been secured with child safety covers and the kitchen has a separate lock to prevent children from gaining access.This remains one of our top priorities.

What we value

Our Mission 

To provide a safe, healthy, and loving environment by a dedicated team.
Development and growth done holistically to develop your personal goals.

Our Vision

To encourage creativity, a sense of wonder and magic, and to cultivate strong leadership qualities. To be set apart from the rest and develop unique Core Values: Authenticity/ Fun/ Ubuntu/ Balance

‘’We are at our finest when we care for one another.’’- Katherine Centre

A Word

From Our Principal

After years of teaching, gaining knowledge and experience. It was time to finally put the vision and burning passion into action. If there is one thing this worldwide pandemic has taught us, is that tomorrow is not guaranteed! In a world that is driven by our minds, we sometimes forget to live with our hearts. I decided that it’s now or never and took the leap of faith to follow my dreams and provide a leading place of education that first follows the heart. It is after all the foundation of each value we treasure. The beauty of OUR story is that it belongs to each person at Heart and it never ends.

HEART will stay with you as you continue onto new chapters in your life.

– Mrs Rene Bruwer


Our Upcoming Events & Activities


Apr ’22

Freedom Day

Please note that Heart will be closed on this day.  


May ’22

Workers’ Day (Observed)

Please note that Heart will be closed on this day.


May ’22

Mother’s Day

Remember to celebrate Mommy this Mother’s Day.


May ’22

Parents’ Night Off / Movie Night

Parents get to enjoy a very special date night while the Heart team looks after the students.  


Jun ’22

 World Ocean Day

Happy World Ocean day! Some of our lessons will be focused around today’s theme.


Jun ’22

 Youth Day

Please note that Heart will be closed on this day.


Jun ’22

School Holiday

Please note that Heart will be closed on this day.  


Jun ’22

Father’s Day

Remember, it’s a special day for Dad!


Jun ’22

End of Term

This is the last day of the term.

Our School


Our indoor area consists of a Fine Motor Room, Reading Room, Creativity Room, Construction/ Fantasy Play Room, and an Academic Focus Room. We have a separate kitchen, separate boy and girl bathrooms, and a napping area. Please come and visit us to view our rotational spaces.

Our outdoor area incorporates the 6 pillars of slow living…
1: Living simply
2: Living sustainably
3: Practising conscious consumerism
4: Celebrating small pleasures
5: Supporting the community
6: Connecting with nature
We have an extensive herb and veggie garden that becomes part of our everyday play. We prepare our own harvest bowls and teach our children to respect their environment. Playing in between the greenery whilst respecting the fauna and flora is a skill that can be carried on for many years, well after pre-school.
We have a fun mud kitchen and age-appropriate climbing apparatus.

Our undercover indoor/outdoor area allows for gross motor – soft play where our children can move and exercise with safety and care.

Parent and Learner contracts

We believe in working collectively with our parents, caregivers, and the broader community.

We believe that the responsibility of each child belongs to everyone that comes into contact with your child. From the child’s parents to the staff at Heart and even the socializing between your child’s friends. For this reason, we take our Parent and Learner contracts very seriously.

These contracts provide a legal framework as well as a holistic responsibility towards the environment at HEART.

Each family that we welcome at Heart will receive a contract to be signed along with our Admission fee and be kept on file. This form will accompany a learner particulars sheet that will hold all the information we need to know about your child.

Age Groups

We are accepting learners from 2 years of age up until 5 years of age.

Kindly note that all our learners should be potty trained or at least have a sense of going to the bathroom.

We do not have a Grade R class at this stage as we feel that it is important for your family to choose a suitable Primary school and start your next journey with them. Most Primary schools prefer that you enroll your child for Grade R if you are considering sending your child to them from their primary school career.

Should we see a need for younger or older age groups, we will look into our expansion plan for the future.

Operating Hours & Fees

We believe in keeping things simple.

We open at 07:00 and close at 17:30 daily. (Kindly speak to us should you require earlier drop-offs or later pick-ups. We will try to accommodate your family where we can.

We are open during the school holidays and throughout the year.

We are closed on weekends, National Public holidays, and or any Religious days.

Our fees are due at the beginning of each month and we reserve the right of admission should the monthly fees not be up to date.

Kindly contact us to discuss a fee option that works best for your family

Please note we work on a debit order system.

School Meals Menu

We follow a two-week meal plan on a rotational basis.

This menu will be discussed with your family in person to discuss any dietary requirements that your child may have.

We are also a nut-free school.

Breakfast is served between 07:00 and 08:00.
Mid-Morning snack is served at 10:30
Lunch is served between 12:00 and 13:00
Mid Afternoon snack is served at 15:30

Dress Code

Our learners are welcome to wear what is comfortable to them.

As we follow strict Covid protocols, all children are required to wear one of our screen hats.

This can be purchased from the school office.


We love Birthdays at Heart and look forward to celebrating your child’s special day with them. You are welcome to bring party packets, cake, cupcakes, juice, etc as long as the items are covid aligned and follow our learner’s dietary considerations.

Because we believe in taking care of our school and trying to instill the value of ‘’giving back’ in our kids… we welcome a resource chosen by your child to be donated to the school on their birthday.

It may be a storybook for our reading room, a construction toy, or some outside play toys for everyone to enjoy. The choice is for your child to make and the importance is emphasised on the conversation that takes place to encourage “giving back” to others.

Mr. Waddles

Our school mascot has a significant symbolism for our school’s Principal.

Mrs. Bruwer has an incredible love for animals and resides in Simonstown where South Africa protects our beautiful penguins, so it is only fitting that Mr. Waddels oversees the responsibility of teaching our learners the value of respecting and taking care of all animals.

Although we don’t allow any pets on the premises at Heart, Mr. Waddels is a plush toy that may be booked out for adventures with your family over weekends or public holidays.

Booking forms and a letter of instructions can be requested from the school’s office.

Get In Touch

Location: 15 Park Ave, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa

Telephone: 0765411642

Email: heart.privatepreschool@gmail.com

School Hours:
M-F: 7am – 5:30pm